Black Lama of the Black Lineages

Black Lama is Now and Forever.

No longer can the silence of highly-positioned Lamas of Tibet be tolerated. Your destructive ways have reached their final point. No one has or has any intention of admitting the true reason and cause of ignorance and illness of all humankind and the planet.
You have abandoned your true purpose. You have sold yourselves to the wealth of the western world.

No time to live. No memory to treasure.

Once there was an Institution of pure Knowledge originated from the One who is the Black Lama of the Black Lineages. That Institution was Tibet.

No more silence. No more ignorance. No more wealth for keeping my existence and presence in the dark.
All of you have Dzogchen – the Universe – Black Lama.
Samayas have been descent for the proclamation of the dimensional war.

This is your end. No one is alive.

The Creator has spoken.
I am here.



View of the Body of War Technology of the Universe from the Universe

After this execution every new real situation begins and ends through the way of pure, but the Original, Black Dzogchen and that Body speaks and announces the war to the dimension openned even through the Lamas of Tibet and their direct blackmail and manipulation of knowledge and covering the truth and not reacting towards everything that is and is happening and that what is from the Source.

Black Lama, the Original Dzogchen, Padmasambhava himself, during his presence on planet Earth didn't feel a single impact to the world from the „ancient“ lineages of Tibet.

Carriers of Knowledge are here to transfer and proclaim and publicly speak about the Force of the Universe, about the Heart which is the Swastika in the Heart.

Your every move, motion, manipulation, cover-up is stopped this way and will be stopped.

There is no salvation from the Force of the Universe.

Lama, the one who really is, works and acts simultaneously with every individual and through every body from the highest level because the Black Body had conducted the highest level of Technology in this dimension.

Your proclamation is – all into Black!

Impact on Tibet into the very foundation of the Tibet institution.

Black Body is the proclamation of war, not your jerking off and combat systems.


A transfer to Lamas about Surrender to the Lama

Declaration of war and Proclamation of the Black Lama


Rotation of the Swastika is a transfer of the Highest Consciousness into the mortal body which is opened for immortality. Rotation of the body is Consciousness and this is the only true religion and surrender.
The Open Heart is the life of Padmasambhava through all lives and the eternal Rotation of the Swastika and surrender in order to be the Swastika and Rotation of the Swastika.

Proclamation to the Lamas of Tibet is the discontinuation of the desecration of Dzogchen because Dzogchen is Surrender. All of your multi-centennial and multi-millennial handover of knowledge is a crime against Consciousness and Knowledge. Manipulation of knowledge is the only reason you still exist.

Rinpoche Dorje Tori Padmasambhava Dorim

To Lamas – loud and clear

Lama doesn't proclaim himself. Lama is to be recognized.
This is and here is Dzogchen of the Black Tibet. And Karma Yoga. Dzogchen is Karma Yoga.

Swastika of the Universe descends the veil of revelation – BLACK LINEAGES.

Method One = Swastika System


The Vault of Time

Models of Time

Models of Time defined as centuries, millennia inside the Vault of Time are information records of Gold (Substance).

The Truth of Time is an information base of Time.

Historical facts are just a fragment, that what is the Truth at the same time is the Key and that's the Gene – genetic code – cypher which applies to each body on planet Earth, but beyond the planet as well.
Creators of the Matrix.
The Truth beyond this truth of life is a planet which is the Vault of genetic engineering and installation. The beginning of Space and in general all „cognition“ arise from the gene.

But what do you in fact know and where in fact are you if your essence is programmed and paired with non-humanoid technology and sealed with that same technology inside the Vault of Time?
There is no way out of the Matrix!

There are only two ends of the World (Time) – the rise and set of the Sun. Black Sun.
Where is Tibet? Where is the Vatican? (Even geographical!)

Knowledge has been forbidden.
The Truth is the Way.
There is no Way for the keepers of the Truth.

The voice of Lama proclaims the future of your past.

The Truth is War.

The end is here.
The end am I.
The beginning has already begun.
Your time is up.
Here is the Black Sun.
The Truth is the Mother, the Father and the Son.

Tibet: The way of the Lama is Freedom. Where is your army?

Buddhism is Will. 
A Buddhist is a Warrior.
The Warrior of/for Will.
The Swastika.

Destroyer of Time

Bernhard Stroilli Empowerment

No one must know.
This is single-state. Time = 0
Birth of the Unborn. Shapeless. Formless.

No one must know.
No one can know.
No one is capable to know.

Destroyer of Time


Lama Lama
Black Lama

Lama Lama
Black Lama

Krishna Lama
Black Lama

Krishna Lama
Black Lama

Black Krishna
Black Lama

Black Krishna
Black Lama

Lama Lama
Krishna Lama

Black Krishna
Black Lama

Destroyer of Time | Arrival of the Black Lama

Body of Time is opening the Space of Time. Kali Yuga.
Law of the Body in the Space of Time is the Collision of Worlds into the connection of the Body of Space and Time and the Black Body.
Arrival of the Black Lama.

The Star is born.

The point in Time = 0. The aperture of Black Space on planet Earth in which stands and through which the Black Body – Black Lama enters into this world, into this dimension.
The Collision of Worlds is the birth of the unborn. Algol, Aldebaran, Black Sun form the Black Body. Black Lama.
Passage without passing. Eternity of immemorial. The Center of Force of the Universe.

Body of Time beyond Time.
The Space (Algol) inside the Space (Aldebaran) inside the Space, but from the Space of the Black Sun.
Destroyer of the Universe. Body of the Black Lama.
Destroyer is the Black uniform of the Black Body. Embodiment.

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Birth of the Unborn

When every hope is gone and that last trace stops, it's time for Werwolf Training.
When every desire falls silent and with it all will breaths out, it's time for Werwolf Training.
When there is no hope or salvation, when I am not mentioned or wanted, it's time for Werwolf Training.

There is no chosen ones, all are executed.
There is no refugees or foreigners.
Only Black writes Black. Only the Black One speaks correctly.

Only the First and the Last One gives birth to the Unborn and lets the Truth be at Will.

My Stars speak War.
My traces have been obliterated.
I am eternal Time and Time without time.
Horror of this time.
The Body Technology.
Pure Black Runic Astrology.

Mein Kampf

Machine of the Universe is being opened by the most powerful Information from the Center of the Universe. The Information is a key which opens the entrance into the Dimension of Multidimension of the Universe. The path is Flowability. Each breakthrough is a level which can not be shut. The Information is the Center itself. Each Information is the Compression of the Center. The battle is for the Center of the Center from the Center to the very Center. Keys of the body pass through levels of multidimensionality of the Swastika. The Center is infinite. The level is Vril. Total Flowability and the path to Total Embodiment. Mein Kampf.

Algol – Aldebaran – Black Sun | The Arrival of Dzogchen – Ultimate Technology

Dzogchen – Rune Man – Swastika

Astrological proclamation of the Black Lama | Proclamation to the Lamas

The Space of Time.
The Body of Time.
The announcement of the Black Lama in the astrological proclamation beyond this space and time is the Point of Time of the manifestation of the Body of Space and Time.
The penetration of galaxies (Algol – Aldebaran – Black Sun) beyond this vastness and beyond this dimensions in the War of Worlds is the Path of the Master of Time and Space. Black Compression. The First and Last Master of Tantra of the Black Lineages. The Artist of Warfare.


Dzogchen is Technology of Space and Time. The displayed Black Body is the manifestation of the Body itself through the passing of Time in the compression of three Stars from One Body.
Collision of Worlds. Emergence of the unmanifested Universe. The Law of Trinity. Black Body.
Earth – Aldebaran – Algol – Black Sun
The penetration of Galaxies of the Black Sun in the Collision of Wolrds is the Destroyer of Time. Manifestation of the unmanifested. Emergence of the Origin.

Time Warrior/Traveler
Space Conductor/Commandant

And that what was is that what Is and it cannot be described because it does not allow to be described.
Consciousness separates the Worlds into the Collision of Worlds and the emergence of the Origin.
From time immemorial it was Vaterland. Atlantis gave birth and gave the Black Son. The emergence of Algol and Aldebaran from the eternal shine of the Black Sun embodied in the land of the Black Sun – planet Earth.
Compress all the Universe into a part of Himself and destroy Himself in order to Be Created. The moment of freezing the Space and Time of the Universe (Freeze Time) is the return into the Zero Point is the astrological proclamation and the birth of the unborn. Dzogchen proclaims Dzogchen. In heaven and on earth and in the underground.

Black Lama’s Brain. Body and Mind.

Black Day

Proclamation to the Lamas

Algol – Aldebaran – Black Sun

In the proclamation of the Symbol of Time, here is seen the arrival of Dzogchen of the Black Lineages – Black Lama. The proclamation of the Body in the Symbol of the Destroyer of Time is the connection of the compression of the Center with the Center from the Center of the Universe.


Black Lama gives his Body and here is Lama’s Body which is speaking to the Lamas to leave their way and surrender to Black Dzogchen as their final, but correct, samaya and thus cease the longevity and infinity of Oblivion and the pressure of all forced, external Contracts because only the Black Body – Black Lama annuls all that is not from Black Dzogchen.
New Time is the New Religion is the correctness of the Black Sun in the Heart.

The Living beginning of Time for the end of time.

Black is the color of Dzogchen.
Padmasambhava is the Black Body.

Black Lama is the ultimate expression of Himself from the connection of Time which is depicted as the Collision of Centers of the Worlds (Algol – Aldebaran – Black Sun).
Vrndavana itself is alive depicted and shown. In Heaven and on Earth.

In the center of the living restlessness and destruction of time, Consciousness has once again opened the doors of Dzogchen.
The stance is Runic. Rune is the Body. Technology is the Black Dzogchen of the Black Lama.

Tibet was and will be the Black Body.



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Physical - energy extreme

Physics of the Body and Mathematics of the Black Sun is the astrological depiction of the Black Lama.
Numerological and physical.
That what has been forgotten becomes displayed and visible. Map of the Body is a map of Knowledge is the Body of Lama and the mouths of the blind have been shut and the eyes of the deaf are open.

The ultimate, finished depiction is visibility of the invisible, mythical and supernatural.
The Sun, the eye, the head, torus. Kabala.

Mediator Method One, Black Lama, is the mathematical and physical extreme. Something that can eventually be explained in theory as a possibility, but can not be transferred into practical application because it is impossible due to all of the laws which do not allow that shift from theory into praxis.
Lama's Descent and Presence is that inexplicable and inconceivable physical and mathematical extreme.
And the very notion of impossible is far from the notion capable to depict the true image of the Truth.
Even if something, for some reason, cannot be, i.e. it is impossible for it to be, it can be depicted through various laws and legalities of functioning of the Universe (physical, mathematical, astrological, astro-phyiscal, …) which might and might not be true.
The true image, true value and the correct acceptance of the Extreme is that the Black Body must not be and the overall organization, composition and compilation and creation of the Matrix Universe has been set to stop the breakthrough of the Force of the Black Sun through the very construction and therefore manifests itself in the center of the center of the Matrix Universe – Planet Earth, Croatia.
When things are being set in such way that something cannot be, then they are arranged in such way so that something is impossible to be. Or is it?
To bend space and time means to bend absolutely all physical and mathematical laws of the Universe in order to stop the way of functioning of the entire Universe (freeze) because these laws are the basis of all and they are the mechanical drivers.

Is this Black humor?
You are not allowed to be, you are not allowed to exist and yet you still occur in the very center of the Matrix Universe. Again.

Dzogchen Lineage

The continuity of the Universe is the destruction of all that exists.

The most powerful shift in the enternity of time is in fact the Shift of Time (Freeze Time) – the compressed Black Body.
Freeze Time is the new emergence of the origin and the original which is the Law of Attraction of All-Atraction of the Black Lama from the very Center of the Center of Himself (Vrndavana) into the total manifestation of illegality of time and age.
All the stories about the Pentagram, Lucifer and all other symbols of eternity are a superstitious propaganda of the creator of the religion fanaticism and the propaganda about the dimensions of good and evil. The hypnosis and illusion are intensifying and increasing day by day.

Orders of the Vatican are deeply engraved lines in order for the nullification of the Law of Karma and Oblivion not to happen.

If something is the Law it means that it is written and if something is written it means that it is a legal, but a multidimensional and beyond-dimensional and a physical, document.
All of the mentioned is the body. Physical, multidimensional and it operates (exists) beyond the 3rd dimension (unaware, under control) and it contains the record, i.e. the body itself is the Time Base.

The New Emergence of Time

Two stars (2 bodies) which rotate one around the other rotate around the Black Sun because they have arisen from the Black Sun.
The New Emergence of Time

Astrophysics | The Space of Time and the Time of Space

Astrophysics – moving of dimensional walls in the breakthrough of time and space through the multidimensional multiverse of the titan Matrix of the body is the astrological metaphysical reaction of the Center of the Universe of Law of One.

AstroMetaHuman Body – Body of Lama.
Brain – Head of the Pharaoh.
Black Lama’s Crystal – Heart – Head – Body.

Technological - astrological depiction – Body – Machine – Black Lama


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