Dragon’s kiss

The Dzogchen story told by movements. Pantomime as the oldest way of telling the truth, This story is the no-contact execution of the observer with the dragon's movements. A snake growing up into a frightful dragon that fries, devours, tears apart, takes away and grinds. In a specific way the movements form energy and tramsmit it towards the goal.

Dare to worship and look at the Black Dragon – Shamballa gives you the executioner. A single his kiss and you are no more. Tens of thousands spectators awaits for their face to attract the Dragon’s attention.

Theater of transformation. Concentration of the body and Mind. Dance movements with a deadly force. The movement is performed to attract the viewer's attention, afterwards  the concentration of all Vril Power is held in a single point and focused at someone. That's the Dragon's kiss that will either kill you or release you. The Original acting and performance – directly conducting the Field to disintegrate the illusion holograms and heavy implantation of individuals and surrounding environment.

This Knowledge is most frequently transferred to women because the female body has greater potencial for the complete Flowability. Only the body which is completely in flow which is absolutely aware of the Dzogchen Master can purely conduct the Will. The Dance Combat System requires pureness because Vril flows only through pure. Without Vril, movement and life represent empty and useless wandering. The goal of the show is to realize that that's how it is. Dance combat movements are used for removing the rest of you. Thus you gain physical condition and courage to transform movement into speech.

Black Dragon of Shamballa is also a system of self-defense and contact and no-contact combat.

Black Dragon of Shamballa –Dancing Combat System of the Black Lineages – Original Dzogchen Technology from the Black Field.

Dragons of Shamballa       (this article is password protected)

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