Foreword to Tantras

Tantras are engraved in the form of verses into the Shamballa's Atrium. They were engraved by Yeshe Tsogyal, the first woman that Padmasambhava revealed the truth about the world she is living in. For months she was isolated in front of the Shamballa, receiving Knowledge and instructions from Padmasambhava himself on how to exit this world. It was the time of opening the eyes, initiations into the high state of Consciousness and decisions she had to make from within – what path to take. Several women were being prepared for total transformation. Many art pieces stand in fron of the Atrium that simbolize the process of awakening into  Consciousness. Yeshe Tsogyal was the first woman Padmasambhava brought out of the 3D mortal world. The Original Knowledge began to flow through her body. The passage is always the Dzogchen Master.

Transmission of Original Tantra of the Black Lineage – the awakening of Vril (Kundalini) System and the liberation of the body and mind through movement. Original Tantra of the Black lineage is assimilation and synthesis of no-contact sexuality which enables the perfection in all areas of creativity.

Black Order

Elite units of Black Order (Black Order = Black Lamas) brought and practiced Tantra. It is the strongest and most valuable weapon of Consciousness. Krishna was transmitting Tantra. This is how pure blood is being preserved. Pure blood means healthy blood, without biological contamination. Tantra is offered as a cure. Only the one with pure blood can transfer the Knowledge of Tantra. It’s receiving and giving. What will you receive from someone who is not pure, and what will you be giving later on? Tantra was given because of Vril. It is the transfer of the Highest Knowledge and Highest Consciousness. It is a tragedy that today it has been brought to a level of 3D sex, technique and masturbation. Tantra of the Black Lineage, without violence, literally the pouring of Consciousness from the Master (pure blood) into a sick being. Similar to transfusion. A deviated mind does not accept this and seeks force.

Original Tantra of the Black Lineages  


I Tantra

You fell into a bilge, darling.
Why the fear!?
Why are you drowning in panic
When you can walk over it!?
Quitting so peacefully!
Rage has brought you here.

The past You yearn for
Is pathetic completely.
From grief, you cannot see the path.
You cry over yourself.
Your sorrow is ignorance.
Mud on mud, same state.

Die! Eternal life commands you.
Death doesn't take long.
It is your only desire.
Because of self contempt
You hide the truth from others.
You seed punishment because you are guilty.

Remember!  Rage tears; death is a force.

II Tantra

Lives strung like marbles with no numbers.
In each you stand, each is heavier.
Tied to each one, a heavy burden you drag.
With every breath your will weakens.
You hit a wall on every side.
Anxiety: the walls are a closed circle.

Demons have possessed you. Duality is following you.
Lightning and winds have demolished everything.
Naked walls stand, that you touch in the dark.
How much of you is here, how many of you are here …
Each and every one of you stands alone.
As many of you – that many wars.

Not a single feeling you know how to recognize.
Sometimes you are hurt by a stone thrown from somewhere.
You obediently hide because you do not even seek for the reason.
Habit brings you back to the same place.
Doesn’t matter, the pain senses have numbed.
It’s all the same stale state.

Don’t forget restlessness! An earthquake tears down the wall.

III Tantra

By accepting the punishment you’ve become a criminal.
Satisfaction has been forbidden to you.
All pleasures have become suffering and compulsion.
Because of them you crawl like a servant.
Nothing has the taste of sweetness.
Tremendous fire has left only bitterness.

On a contaminated spring you quench your thirst.
Venom has fried your glow.
A smelly sludge is scratching You from within.
Not a breath nor water, contaminated is all.
From this state, the unknown desire is the longest.
Nevertheless, You remember the greatness You were.

Passion pulls You into complete ignorance.
You are literally carrying a cross on yourself.
You proudly execute Your sentence for everything is Your fault.
You even fear death in that state.
Gratefully You pray for every moment of torment.
One more curse for being alive.

Do nothing! Ask how to jump into the dark.

IV Tantra

He sucks in vigorously, the time and the path and the cross.
You notice Him only when You are hanging upside down.
Where He arrives, He turns everything into ice.
With the ice He keeps the eyes wide open.
He immediately stops negligence and war.
Relentless to weakness and disease.

Flawless, radical and precise.
Too frightful even for the considerate.
Too enormous for the suspicious.
Stronger even than the mythical fiend.
He is the greatest satisfaction is for the determined.
He hates and loves the most.

He fries and tears everything that stands in his way.
He is the state of the greatest peace and the greatest unrest.
All the states and all changes are within Him.
He gives meaning to absolutely everything.
He takes meaning from everything that has defined itself.
He inflicts pain to everyone who feel they must.

He is absolute in everything.

V Tantra

Heat in water.
Force in wind.
Coldness in ice.
Power in a wave.
Softness in a snowflake.
Sharpness of a pine needle.

Bitterness in a cigarette smoke.
Pleasure in sexual intercourse.
Salinity in the sea.
Joy in the dolphins call.
Pain when you fall.
Taste in food.

Security into correctness.
Regularity in a shape.
Tension in cheating.
Is the sole cause for desire.
Brings the final decision.
He is the Feeling and the only Law.

You cannot get to know him if You are not Him.

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