Bodhidharma Mudra Yoga

Bodhidharma Mudra Yoga is accurate, precise neurosurgery. The surgical operation flows by moving the body and the gradual connection into Consciousness of the entire body on a micro and macro level. Bodhidharma Mudra Yoga is a preliminary practice that liberates the mind for accepting Dzogchen itself. Bodhidharma Mudra Yoga – Dzogchen Mudras. Meditation in motion which leads into the Black Field of Dzogchen. Mahamudra for transcending 3D. The entrance into the Emptiness of Space – Body becomes Emptiness. Mudras lead out of the system of implantation (Matrix). Movements are not led by the energy resources of this dimension. The System of moving the body leads into Consciousness about the Swastika and cessing control to the Energy body built by the Swastika in the Original Zero Point Field. There is no connecting with the ascended masters, only the direct contact with the Source from which all Masters are created.

Knowledge of Bodhidharma’s Technology is protected by the Black Lineage. In the Method One Training Procedure the Mediator transfers  the complete Knowledge of Bodhidharma.

The preliminary Dzogchen Phase is used for accepting of Self-Deimplantation procedures.

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