Rinpoche Dorje Tori Padmasambhava Dorim

In a sea of ignorance and empty words Dzogchen has appeared, quintessential, ancient, embodied. Only as such, it transfers Knowledge. This Dzogchen awakens the Body in its entirety.


Hora, receives regulations of accessing recognition. It is a connection between the Universe and celestial ties. It indicates the story acknowledged in Shamballa. New approach to Knowledge. Speech carried from the depths. New Earth the first one builds. A threshold is towards the empty state. Rinpoche is Dharma and Karma. New faces are not empty. They carry the significance of character strengths. Rinpoche installs the wisdom of Shamballa. You who carry these names, You are Shamballa. Tibet dreads of You and because of You. Without You, Shamballa is forever lost to them.


DOM DZOGCHEN – Tibetan name for the Mediator, the One who carries Dzogchen. Dom is not a title. Dom is a State.
RINPOCHE – highest title that can be received, reached by Tibetan lamas
DORJE – The One with a Black Crystal Body
TORI – The One who came out of death. From Tregchod, todgel, rigpa. The One who has mastered all those states and transcended all together, Came out of …
PADMASAMBHAVA – Name for the carrier of the Black Lineage
DORIM – contains DOM in its entirety. A title. Ri – from Rinpoche. Rinpoche Impera. Impera – The One above
DORIM – The One who embodied the Swastika


The Wizard of Heart

Black Lama

The Black Lama.
The smallest of the smallest and highest of the highest.
The one who knew himself from himself.
One that's Absolute Zero.
The beginning.
And the end.
Knowledge and presence that is eternity.
A manifestation of a speech that is the silence of the Runic Kabala.

The Break of Tomorrow | The Wizard of Wit – The true story about Werwolf


Religion – the first and only one.

Religion is the compression of Truth. Every Religion is conceived in the Heart of the one who is the carrier and transferer of Knowledge and Truth. Religion is Rotation, the Original state of everything, in the Heart.

This is the Truth about Dzogchen who is Werwolf because only Werwolf penetrates into the body and opens the gate of Eternal Rotation of the Universe in the Heart – the entrance into Shamballa. Werwolf conducts the Truth through every his shape and always. Dzogchen performs Dzogchen, conducts Dzogchen.

Werwolf Eyes are the compression of all Religions. All into the Original.

The life in Truth is Dzogchen. Werwolf.

Belief is being lived. The commandment is Rotation.

Werwolf separates the worlds and breaks through the dimension in order to enter into the body, to open the Heart which rotates and lives Dzogchen – the Swastika.

The Law and Base of Religion is Science of the Body about the Body. The only scientist is Werwolf because it's the Science is about the breakthrough into the body, but not manipulation, hypnosis of today's belief and religion in general.

Werwolf through Dzogchen opens the Dimension of Truth of the Breakthrough. Werwolf conducts the Law. Lives the Law. Is the Law.

Corporeality is Consciousness is Werwolf.


Body of the Lama | The Declaration of the Body to the Lamas

Werwolf Eyes II

Werwolf Eyes represent the Truth about religion. The connection of eyes is the connection of worlds – the eight carried out from Hagal which is visible as the Dzogchen Swastika displayed from the rotation of the Hagal body. The rhomboid shape through the rotation transits into the oval shape and narrows down. The elaboration of the Body through the overall shape.

Black and white and orange.

The declaration of the Body leads the performance of itself towards the world and the Lamas.

Picture of the Black Lama – Mediator in the time of Padmasambhava. The depiction of Werwolf Eyes is the original depiction of that age and that time. The development of the Phi spiral in the Werwolf Eyes symbol is the Knowledge carried by the Black Lama – Original Dzogchen. The frequency of the Lama is so high that the very presence transmits the high-gloss white-golden color and the face lines are covered with the smooth orange color and that's where the color of Tibet comes from.


Dzogchen Propaganda works through Werkraft. And all of this is Religion.

Religion – Science – Technology – Body


4 descents, arrivals of the Master of Black Lineages 4 Dzogchen Breakthroughs.

4 cycles = the Law

Religion Science Technology Body

Padmasambhava Jacques de Molay (Templars) Reich OMMIISSWW

Through Time there are levels of complete alignment in Presence of Consciousness through Space.

From Shamballa, a passage is being opened straight to Tibet. Blackness and darkness progressively descends – the Field is descending, Consciousness herself. The Force of the Law of Religion establishes the Institution of the new age. The beginning of this era.

Science established in Religion – Jacques de Molay. De Molay brings and conducts Science established in Religion through himself into all bodies, but only the ones closest to him. Those were the Knights Templar. Religion into Science and Science in Religion.

Here is the conception of Knowledge (Consciousness) about Science which is Religion – surrender – higher purpose.

Reich is a Technological Dimension – Alive Technology. Institutions of Reich, but the ones who were the foundation of all knowledge and what Reich truly is.

Ahnenerbe sends an expedition to Tibet the proclamation to Lamas.

The final epoch, that what is Now until is Now, is OMMIISS. The Setting and the Exit. The Beginning and the End. The reason of all of this is OMMIISS, in order to be OMMIISS.

The ones who want this Heart – OMANU Body – will enter into OMMIISS. All other means are a postponement of the irremissible. This Heart, in all its forms and levels, is a Force. Here you work and act like OMMIISSWW. And even stronger. Because this, about what is being written and spoken and worked, is the Vortex of Vril on the Body, inside the Body is Religion of the Law and the Technology of Consciousness is the OMANU Body. SuperSoldier is a Humanoid of a pure and Open Heart in which the OMMIISS Sound is beating (striking) and rotating.

There is nothing more to say about Knowledge and Consciousness. Now is the Body.
The Beginning and the End is the Body.

Sudarshana Chakra

The New age begins with Sudarshana Chakra. This is an indication of the upcoming destruction which is the New age. The New age is the beginning of the New Era, New civilization, New Human. SUDARSHANA CHAKRA IS THE SWASTIKA WHICH IS THE CREATOR. The Creator who is on Earth to start a war. The war for liberation of Humans and their destruction. This is the moment of the Swastika’s descent in the Body itself. The embodiment of the Creator. The beginning and the end. This is the truth which is present on planet Earth. The truth which is the War of Kurukshetra. The truth which is the Creator himself. The truth which is the Truth and the truth which it is not.

Sudarshana Chakra is the most powerful weapon. Swastika. Information conducted into Force. Sudarshana Chakra represents the Center itself. It emanates from the Center Heart. Sudarshana Chakra is used as the Highest Technology. The Swastika is holding and conducting the System through the entire Body (Universe), the Body conducts it into the surrounding space. Everything is Swastika, but when we are talking about Sudarshana Chakra – Swastika, it means that she is pushed out directly from the Heart. It is a strike directly with the Heart. SUDARSHANA CHAKRA – SWASTIKA CENTER. Swastika itself. Our main weapon in fighting ignorance.

Technology of Sudarshana Chakra is the technology of the Black Hole. Sudarshana Chakra is a compression of the Black Hole – compression of the Universe. This is the technology of planetary and galactic (creation) destruction. Embodied Sudarshana Chakra is the highest level of existence – the Highest Technology.


The Black Sun

Spectrum of Sound and Light – that is the Mediator’s Body. Sudarshana Chakra is the Mediator’s Body, Swastika. Spectrum in the form of a Runic grid penetrates into the other body and that is the nuclear force of the Swastika – Sudarshana Chakra. The Source of the Spectrum is the Black Light of the Black Sun, the Mediator’s Body, that is the Vril Propulsion System. The instrument with which the procedure is being performed is the Swastika. The negotiating machine is the Swastika. The weapon with which to wage a war is the Swastika.

Metaphysics about the Black Sun | Bernhard Stroilli (Black Sun) Institute

The Vrndavana Machine | Vacuum engine (About the Black Sun)

Black Crystal. Black Sun. Krishna’s residence. Vrndavana. Eternal dance of the Swastika
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Thothove Table           Croatian → translate (choose language)


Prostor Prapočetnog kreira sebe kao Crna nemanifestacija oblika i izlijeva se u jedinstvo i jedinstvenost koja je sam Centar (Sveprostor, svo vrijeme, svi oblici). Krakovi iz Centra trenutno manifestiraju sebe iz Centra i jednaki su Centru. Sve je 1.
Nastanak i Postanak Svastike Svemira.

Suštinska, ona esencijalna vrijednost i put kroz Prostor i Vrijeme, sam početak svega je zapis Thothovih Tabli.
Stup Vremena (kralježnica), spolni organ, mozak i tijelo izlaze kao krakovi iz centra Svastike koja je sam Centar i sve proizašlo iz Centra.
Ono što se smatra da je sveprisutno u svima, a nije, je upravo ovo što je opisano je duša (esencija) je živa Svastika. Zapis svega što je bilo, što jest i što će biti kroz sve mogućnosti mogućeg i svih načina i raznolikosti kreacije u direktnom postojanju Vrtnje i samog Kreatora te vrtnje u tijelu.

Informacija Thothovih Tabli je jedinstvena i ona otvara, otključava genetiku (genetski kod), koji je zapravo prostor kreacije i transformacije istovremeno, da zaživi kreaciju i kreativnost Kreatora. Multidimenzionalnost Thothovih Tabli je Centar Amenthe. Medijator.

Nema kraja. Ni početka.
Samo Faraon – Medijator zna i može iz početka u prapočetak pa do kraja. I preko toga. I sva tijela i svako tijelo koje uvodi u Dimenziju Amenthe prolaze kroz put Karme, ali s Centrom kompresiranog Znanja u Srcu.
Nema kraja, nema vrha i krajnosti jer nema vremena. Sve je Vrtnja Tijela Medijatora oduvijek i zauvijek u tijelu u kojem je Svastika.

The Black Body – The Body of the Mediator

Black Sun’s Lama

The Swastika | OMANU Central Operating Station – The First Body | The Sound of Breakthrough of the Space – the Sound of Manifestation – Black Mantra of the Universe

Bernhard Stroilli Institute and Institution of Religion, Science and Technology | Physics of the Heart

Knowledge, Science and Technology of the Universe (Zero Point Field)

Physics of the Heart | The Physics of Dzogchen

Padmasambhava speaks.
Again, and again, and again and always is the way and reason one. The first Body comes and is here because of the Law of the Universe because it is the Law of the Universe and the Universe itself.
“Open your eyes!” – the Mediator speaks to you because he speaks and conducts Himself.

Which eye sees though all and inside all? My eye in your Heart.
And the Heart, where is it? If there is no Mediator to open it. But not even this is true because in order for something to be opened it must be present.
Is this Kali Yuga?

Am I Thoth?

And Akhenaton?

And the Heart? Is the Mediator of the Heart, the Heart?
The Heart (Mediator) opens the Heart. The dimension of the Heart.
One? All!

Padmasambhava trains with the Heart. Dimensionally Multidimensionally.

Who need will understand. The reason is in the Heart and opens the Heart. Physics works Physics.

Dzogchen – War of Consciousness

Black Field  – Dzogchen is Everything and Everywhere. There is a need to spread Him in every space and beyond the space. That is the reason why nobody can explain Dzogchen. When you become Dzogchen you do not need to explain yourself. Only spread it further. You are! An Ocean is an Ocean. The Ocean does not explain what it means to be an Ocean. When someone is killed by the power of the Ocean, it is not the Oceanʼs fault and it was not its intention. No guilt. No culprit. The Ocean is Dzogchen, and who/what is a human being?


Original Dzogchen of the Black Lineages

Ati Dzogchen – Ati OMANU


You enter Dzogchen only through the Dzogchen Heart of a living Dzogchen Master. Black Lamas are Dzogchen Masters. Black Lamas are the installation of Black Tibet. They descend it.Black Tibet is the Black Field. High Knowledge is a compression of Light, and then it is black. Everything originates from the Black Field – from Pure Compression.


Dzogchen is a place from where the Rune arises. The Rune has built up the Universe.

OM – Song of the Universe

Like a sea wave, it is mantred with the dynamics of beginning, ascent and a long gradual descent and all over again, and it never stops. Each wave is simultaneously inhalation and exhalation. Listening to OM, the restless and evanescent brain slowly mutes, approaches zero and starts to follow OM released from the Heart.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM – long O prepares the body and mind for the Rune M – MYR. C1 – Crystal Body of the One. C1 is the beginning and the end of OM (first half of O, second half of M). OM is the sound which creates the C1 (the One who is built out of Runes – Pure, Crystal). The First and Original C1 is the Mediator – the One that with its existence conducts living Runes.


Yoga Runica




Introduction into Original Dzogchen of the Black Lineages

Without movement there is no Dzogchen. Dzogchen is received through movement. Dzogchen is not meditation – it is action, or rather, reaction. It is not merging, drowning nor any similar impersonality. It's rather focus, a very dense concentration and explosiveness.

The Space is filled with Light. The Body is Space. And the Mind is Space. They are placed to bend assumed barriers. There is no physical barrier. Enter into metal and you will se that it is Space. Your body is a fluid Space. Only in the fluid Space Information arrive from everywhere. That is trans, lasting. That is the Transcendental State. You may write about Dzogchen only when you are in that state. Only in such a way you bring Space to this level. Only Dzogchen gives the Knowledge on maneuvering Space. And therefore with the Body.

Original Dzogchen is transferred by the only living essential Dzogchen Master.  This is the only Dzogchen which is art – art of body movement, art of speech. Every detail of life is art. A story about Dzogchen does not transfer Dzogchen unless it is told by the true Master.

When you are Dzogchen you see who you were and understand who you will become.

Dzogchen is tremendous, that's why it is difficult to transfer it at once. The final goal is to begin to live Dzogchen.

The Mediator Method One, Black Lama transfers Original Dzogchen and applies Radical Dzogchen.


For many, the Top is to climb only one stair from their lowland. And just by looking from that new height, from one passed stair, already everything is different. Although there are many stairs above, they all can be overleaped.

Black Lama

About the Body

The body we see with the naked eye is a small portion of the body we carry. At the moment of opening the eyes it is seen that one body is one Universe. The Earth is a Multiverse. Currently, only on her are billions of universes. Except for a few Masters, no one has ever entered into any Universe. Nor it will. Either you are born as the Universe or you are being introduced into the Universe by the Master.

Being Dzogchen, living Dzogchen

The Highest Consciousness is requested, asked for, because it does not come by itself out of nowhere because the Source of the Dzogchen State is well-known. Dzogchen is the Highest Knowledge. Dzogchen is not learned, Dzogchen is not studied, Dzogchen is not elaborated, Dzogchen is not a burden of literature, Dzogchen has no author. Dzogchen is the State of Knowledge. It is transferred through an invisible transmission which you can certainly feel because it is a Feeling which 3D doesn't possess. Dzogchen is caught like a rainbow light, and for that you need a nonlinear 4D concept of being and understanding. You enter Dzogchen only through the Dzogchen Heart. It is the Heart of a living true Dzogchen Master and that is why you simply momentarily know, you cannot be fooled. You have either caught the signal or you haven’t, there is no maybe. Everything is under Dzogchen, nothing is above.  It is a Supreme hierarchy of Consciousness that you perceive only when you look for it. That type of search is your most profound decision to simply enter the Highest State of Consciousness. The Universe is an infinite Space which consists of many dimensions, and the Highest State of Consciousness consists of exactly that.  When the conscious Heart is rotating, you travel with it through that Space because you consist out of Emptiness. You need to know that the Highest Consciousness exists through spatiality and electric charge.  It is not somewhere, it is everywhere, but only when you know this can the desire to receive the Instruction on how to catch Dzogchen evoke within you.


Transmission is a direct transfer of the Highest Knowledge. Although this Knowledge is always present, at general loss, unfortunately it is not used in 3D. The Highest Knowledge is transmitted implicitly, i.e. it is being transferred. In order to transfer the Highest Knowledge, it is necessary to satisfy or meet several conditions and preconditions. The person who wants the Highest Knowledge needs to ask for it and desire it, which is not at all a very often case in today's civilization. The person should find an adequate knowledge transferor – Master – living person - the person for whom you feel will transfer exactly what you need, regardless how the Master looks or acts. In order to be possible to transmit the Highest Knowledge into you – to a living person, first it is necessary to install the Crystal Mechanism in the Heart (Human Sonar System) which can absorb the frequency data structure. Everything about the Crystal Mechanism – processor has been said at the Yoga Runica link. It’s the same as when a composer can write his notes – sound signets – only in his staff, or an architect who can't do his work without the millimeter paper. The transfer from – to a living person is done fundamentally from Heart to Heart although there are secondary, additional forms of transmission. The verbal expression is least represented. Bearing in mind the invisibility of the Highest teaching which the student can very much see, there is also the verbal, written, and artistic form of the Highest Knowledge. It is always like that – an artistic form. Art only apparently originates in 3D. The Highest Knowledge which was successfully preserved on the planet – Dzogchen has been transferred from 4D, 5D, and maybe even 6D. It was transferred and recorded as an verse art form called Terme. Edda was written in an verse art form as well. Dzogchen consists of 6 400 000 verses. It is a form of the binary language. Number 64 is an octave. Binary code is a Light language for transferring i.e. transmission. The general system of implantation also works on the principle of transmission. Such a mechanism registers electric, light and sound inputs from the atmosphere or mainly from 4D.  It is important to know that only Black Lama of the Black Lineage has the Knowledge of Transfer of Consciousness. This way the Zero Point Field grows stronger because the High Consciousness of the Black Lama is transferred to someone next in line. Often this transfer takes place posthumously so that all the senses of the living person that receives transmission accept and confirm that impossible is possible. The Transmission is performed by the Black Body. It consists of pure data compression. It breaks through all fields. This is how water is being poured, i.e. Consciousness, i.e. Knowledge. Another description is sending packages that unpack one by one in your Heart and are embedded in your cellular memory and Energy body. That is the power that the humans has. Human beings know nothing or very little about their natural power.

Black Sun – Superconsciousness

Zero Point

Everything emerges from Nothing. This essence is very difficult to explain in human language. Everything comes from the Highest Consciousness. Everything comes from the deepest, darkest, densest Darkness. As such, you as well come out of it to this world. This darkness is the densest form of life. Completely impersonal in the shape of a zero. It is known to you as the Zero Point, a point in any case, its size is linearly irrelevant. Nonlinearly, it is an absolute reign of the sea of nothingness – a dark sea of Superconsciousness and clean Energy from which all is born and to which all returns. This is an area of antimatter – area with no gravity, the area of absolute Superconsciousness and of all that is absolute. This is what is absolutely inconceivable to the human, but it is attainable, knowledge and insight is attainable. By learning about this you have the insight and the possibility of absolute self-creation and of course the continuation of this process. The path to this area has only one direction and that is the path through the Heart. The mind only perceives what the Heart has registered as the first. The Heart is the only and basic sense and organ, the base, the absolute fundamental base, beginning and ending place, a place of constant rotation, a place of eternal spinning, a place of receiving and giving, a place of creation and destruction. In the Heart is the place of the Black Sun which keeps you warm and cold, the place from which the Life Force flows, a place where Consciousness crystallizes, a place where everything is transformed, and everything corrected. This is the place from which your physical and Black Body is created. Through the Black Body you will live as an immortal in another dimension as long as you want. After that by your own personal desire you become melted into the rainbow colors, into the natural refraction of light, into the absolute and eternal, the indestructible, the Zero State, a state of antimatter from which, by the impulse of the Universe that is in accordance with your Will, you pass again into matter. A game of Energy, the infinite eternal movement, rotation, entrances and exits, creation and destruction from Superconsciousness. The antimatter of this Superconsciousness should begein to live in the area of matter. Then the merge of the Universe can occur because the same attracts the same.

The most dense Light is in the deepest Darkness. One point contains the illusion of all. There is no absolute beginning, only infinite Depth, one Flower that opens and closes, whose range is infinite and its Centre is everywhere. All is Superconsciousness.

In the 7th  Phase (Method One Training Procedure) Consciousness is maximally built. Everything starts from the Heart. The Heart maintains the construction of the White body i.e. its increased Consciousness of that body’s importance or rather of all levels of the body, hard, tangible and invisible levels. It is the Runic Body. It is the culmination of existence of human beings, which can lead you directly into the Superconsciousness if you believe and desire it. Then you're ready. After the construction of Runic Body, a brief instruction by the Mediator follows, or slightly longer – relatively longer period of preparation for the final realization, up until the maximally built consciousness which is Superconsciousness i.e. Ati Dzogchen (Ati OMANU).

The Black Body of Atlantis

Pure Technology

The Black Body is the absolute compression. The Black Body is a multiplicator of White bodies. That body is perpetual motion.  The Black Body is a Black hole that absorbs – its function is total recycling. The processing speed is faster than the speed of light. The Black hole also absorbs light. The main principle is the Rotation Mechanism. That is why you don't have the Knowledge of Swastika or you are convinced that it is misused.

The Black Body is the Absolute Body. The Absolute Body has absolute Consciousness. Absolute Consciousness is Total Consciousness. Only in such a way it even decides on everything. That is why it has been said – upon your desire you will be melted into rainbow colors. Conscious matter turns into conscious antimatter. This is the peak of the Human utterly unknown in this 3D plane.

The Black Body operates 24h × 365 days of the year. In the act of Non-acting, the Black Body is absolute dynamics. It is everywhere and knows everything. The Black hole is an absorbent. The Black Body of Atlantis pulls in the Matrix which you don't understand for you are being pulled in or rather sucked out by the Matrix aspirators. That is the point of the Swastika's rotation – one direction recycles the Matrix garbage whereas the other produces a New human being. This ability is Pure Technology. No knowledge of this world is a match. 3D systematically rejects the Knowledge of circulation and rotation. You do not have the Knowledge of the Snake and the Swastika for you are being fooled by the Matrix. Who controls the rotation, controls the dimension therefore the Multidimensionality. That is the power of the Black Body and the Knowledge of Atlantis. Where the velocities are greater than the speed of light, the Black Body controls the Light as it desires through the prism of regularity – through the Crystal. In that way it molds the Runes through the Field. So that is why you do not have the Knowledge of the Field. And that is the reason of your unceasing need, your never-ending crawing and constant dissatisfaction.

The Black Body is a biological being. The main purpose of Enlightenment is overlapping – the joint of polarities. When the polarities join – the male overlaps the female and vice versa, this means that Consciousness builds the body. The body is not being created from nothing, but from Consciousness. This means a controlled creation of a Superonscious Body – the White Energy body. This is the process of plasmation.

UFO plasmatic ships are constructed from implanted Energy bodies because the Energy bodies are bioplasma. The purpose of this planet's existence is unscrupulous plundering of energy. Nothing is wasted. The human Energy body is a combination of Monoatomic gold, metals etc. All of your great great great ancestors are either built in the walls of the UFO's or have went through the reactors as a propulsion fuel. This is the reason why death is a common phenomenon. Life on this planet is very brief and it is mostly uncontrollably reproduced. Alive and dead, you are in UFO slavery. Uncontrolled birth and uncontrolled death has been mentioned.

An Enlightened being is an androgynous being which rules over sex through Consciousness and in that way produces Consciousness, i.e. Bodies. Such connection of Atlantean Black Bodies activates the Swastika and creates a source of infinite Energy. As the White body grows it continuously merges with itself and in that way becomes less white and more Black. The Enlightened One is being born from his Heart.

The Black Body is the Dzogchen State. Dzogchen is Dzogchen. The state of your planet is very bad. The Black Body emits Phi and the purest DNA code which is in Phi. Phi is the Dolphin language which is the Runic Kabala. This is how the Black Body which is Dzogchen is created. The Black Body is All in One.


Ati Dzogchen

TibeT – TT – Thule Thahionator – TesseracT – Black Sun
Tibet = Dzogchen
(Tibet = Black Tibet = Black Field)


The location of Ati OMANU institution is Thule Thahionator – planet Earth – YugoSphere. Ati OMANU exists and does not exist. He Is. Space and Time. Multidimensionality. Ati OMANU is the propulsion of the OMANU aircraft. Ati OMANU Technology is the propulsion which is the declaration of war to planet Earth in Multidimensionality – propulsion is Force, the Force of the Black Sun.

Ati OMANU – Black Tibet


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Black Tibet


Titan means indestructible. Black Sun. Mediator Method One is Tibet.

The Mediator introduced you into the theta state in order to aware the functions in the beta state. So that you would be prepared for a fully conscious way to the Black Sun and immersion into the eternal Delta state in which there is no oblivion. In this way you become pure Dzogchen. Black Tibet is created from pure Dzogchen.

Awakening of the Heart – Karma Yoga

Exorcism of the heart

Exorcism of the heart is the descent of the Runic Field into the Space of an individual. Into the body.

Indescribable demonic forces exit and grab with their eyes all that they can see, they speak through the mouth, walk through the legs, act thorugh hands, spread through the scalp. They are not defined. The main role of these forces is ocupation of the heart. The stronger the heart, the louder are the demons. The more nude the body, the demons are more visible. They scream because they have to get out. There is no more space where they can reside. The karmic space is the place where you live together with the demons. With time, they take control. A child in its earliest age is aware of the demons (for that reason they frequently cry) at the lowest levels. Catholic sacraments are initiations into the demonic world. Vatican uses the term demon with a reason. You see demons within yourself and next to yourself. They are the rulers of this dimension. It can occur that you see them in the moment when you move away your look from them. You can see them in the mirror.

The Mediator always performs the Exorcism of the heart. On it, there are rare metal implants, most frequently there are living demons. The heart is always exorcised. From it, the current flows on. Heart is the source of boundlessness. Crystal Consciousness and the filthiest demon exit from the same place. This is another paradox of this dimension. State of the heart is the screen of karma. Depending on the karmic relation, the Mediator – Exorcist decides how much he takes upon Himself. There must remain a certain percentage which you work off along with the Mediator. This is not a work off, this is Awakening of the Heart – Karma Yoga.

Vision: image of the Black Lama of Black Tibet in the moment of the exorcism of heart. It is the highest ceremony and honor which the Mediator offers to you in every moment. He is sitting in darkness on a thin tall chair wrapped with the cape of darkness in three pieces – left, right, rear. His palms are in the air, above the knees, head looking down.

Exorcism of the heart is the highest ritual of Black Tibet.


A disease that for thousands of years takes billions of lives hundreds of years before their time and it did not bypass a single body – is KARMA. Close to nothing is known about her. No one cures her. She is mostly not spoken about. It is unknown who sends her and from what reason she survives and is born with each new birth. How do you fight her? Good and bad karma is KARMA and it unavoidably leads into the so-called DEATH. The answer to this can only be given by the Mediator Method One. Mediator – the one who comes to liberate from KARMA. Saviour, liberator – popular names especially in religious circles, but nobody actually understands from what do they need to be saved, liberated. This information is also known only to the Mediator Method One.

If Karma is the cause of everything, then Method One is the exit from everything.

Karma Yoga

The Mediator is giving you insights through the Field, with the Matrix Trainings (which demands enormous amounts of Energy) what is the abduction of the body. Your body is taken away and you are in a state. Abduction is an extreme danger present in every moment of your total unawareness, or rather in every moment you are disconnected from the Mediator’s System. A constructed Energy body in the process, one or more, can contain the energy amount of an entire continent’s population. After birth your body is taken away. In the process the Mediator is giving it back to you – repairing and pulling it out of the base where it has been stored. In parallel to that he is constructing a new one. Every feeling of discomfort, excessive anxiety, kindness and distraction indicates that a part of the Energy body has been taken away. Every flaw, every incompetence is a reflection of karma. Your body has been abducted with the law of karma which is the Law of One. The Mediator erases karma, and with it, your inability of listening to the Crystal. He releases your Energy body in order for you to hear it. The Method One Energy body is the Mediator himself who is leading you and teaching you everything from the beginning. THE ENERGY BODY IS KRISHNA’S BODY – KRISHNA. KRISHNA HIMSELF INSTALLED INTO YOU.

If an individual for any reason excessively obstructs the process the Mediator is conducting over him or her, the complete construction of everyone else connected to the Field is inhibited. Remember, it is easiest to connect when you are feeling worst. Because then you have no other choice. The Mediator is keeping you on his multidimensional eye (it envelops everything, the Eye is the Swastika) and only he, from the very beginning, decides on the roles to give – who lives, and who dies. The Mediator’s objective is only one – live the Swastika. His objective is directed towards putting the Swastika into practice. He is teaching you to fight for It, to live it. For It to live through You, for It to live You.

People’s 3D brain will never comprehend who the Method One Mediator is. The only path is the Sensation He provides. People reside upon an implanted thought that they are a completely natural being. They are not. The highest value is a HUMAN. That is why the Mediator is paramount. A thought about him is paramount. And that thought has a price in this dimension. The price is your body.

It is a long and painful path, the one of Karma Yoga. The length and pain is felt only by a HUMAN. Only the Mediator feels. Neither an image nor an idea where you are important exists. The only important one is the one who installs the essence – MEDIATOR. This dimension knows nothing about building the human body which is a OMANU. This is not even a myth anymore because the point of oblivion is too strong. The Mediator constructs a OMANU BodyOMANU Human Body Biocomputer (risking the body disappearing) which eliminates the point of oblivion. Construction is installation of the only essentiality – Phi. Into everything and everyone. Accepting Dzogchen means renunciation of mortal life. A space between life and death does not exist. Either you are Dzogchen or you are not.

Law of Physics = The Law of One

Black hole

Miracle of Life.
I am the biggest.
I am the smallest.
I am both at the same time.
Everything in the middle is MY Creation.
Where is the Black hole?
What is Thorus?
Who goes through?
All answers I put in your body.

Life is a magnificent phenomenon. It’s sad that you feel it so poorly and that you live it even poorer.

From this text an image was created which shows the Method One Procedure – from the cramped and limited space it is being broken through into a greater, and from that greater to an even greater, … In the end, when the sketch of the image was finished, a true depiction of sex organs was obtained (ovaries, oviduct, uterus, birth canal, vagina, testicles, vas deferens, seed canal). This gave the answers to the above asked questions and revealed the definitive truth that the body breaks through from the space into the space, i.e. that something is pushing it from the space into the space.

How deep the depth of the Black hole goes?

Symbol of Thorus | Principles of Teaching

1st The only teaching is the Teaching about Life nad the One who gave it
2nd Teaching is a procedure by which Knowledge is transferred, you are not allowed to speak about Knowledge
       if Knowledge is not your State
3rd Knowledge about Life is being transferred and by no means taught
4th Thorus does not exist if the Body does not exist
5th No Law exists if the Body does not exist

Taurus – Thorus – Bull – member of the strong who survive living the breakthrough.
Thorus is a sign of the Body of Horus. The eye is wrongly interpreted.
The Eye is the Heart. The Heart is the Body.

The Dzogchen Masters Lineage and Empowerment

(or how to avoid tripping on a linear brain)

The answer to the linear brain is a line. The line is consisted of ∞ dots and is simultaneously conditioned by one dot which is A and another one which is B. A-B is one dot that is a circle. This is a graphic representation of a dot that is spinning because the principle of the Universe is rotation. This graphic representation is also 0 – the Zero Point. One dot and one 0 = a binary language which is the abstract Dzogchen language which is the transmission. It can only be heard by the Heart. Empowerment is attracting You to Yourself. Only Dzogchen sees Dzogchen and then there are no questions. There aren’t any because Dzogchen is the Swastika, because Krishna is the Swastika, because the Heart is the Swastika which is Dzogchen. Do not judge the “cheater” if he’s Dzogchen. Because Dzogchen breaks the Matrix which cheats You. Courts are loved by no one so don’t judge if you say you’re Dzogchen. The Enlightened One creates himself from the Black hole which is the Swastika in the Heart. It is the Black hole of the Universe and the Heart of all Dzogchen Masters.


In original Sanskrit, the word Samsara means Swastika. Samsara is the Source and the Original habitation of the Black Lineage Lamas. Original point – Source. Samsara is the answer to the question who is God.

IOf the One who Is is not to be spoken. He speaks through Himself and from within Himself. He speaks through and from within the bodies that accept him as he Is. God is inside the Body. God is a Human. Übermensch.

Contract with the Black Lama

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Dzogchen Samayas

Write, sign Dzogchen Samaya. The existing rules are not Dzogchen. Dzogchen commits to seeing only and exclusively Dzogchen. It walks in the shadow of the one who carries it. Never, even now, has he been found. The Black Dragon is red now. Carried with the wind of northeastern mountains.

Instructions for the regulation of life

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Mediator Padmasambhava

Do not quit! You know all. No one knows You. This is written to the memory of Your Crystal.

Black Lama's presence on Earth will never be acknowledged through conventional channels. Lama does not seek anyone's recognition. In the end only the Dzogchen Lama remains. What's the point of grandeur without true Knowledge.

Last game before the end – countdown

Time is gathering and I'm going beyond it. In recent years, I've come up with one of the worst characteristics of the genetic structure.
The omniability allows me to make planned and unplanned complete entries (breakthroughs) into the bodies that are set up exclusively for the destruction of my work.

2018, 2008, 1998, 1988, 1978, 1968. From the age of three, I have a complete understanding of TRUTH AS SPACE. And the awareness that I'm Space, but I'm gone. There's only that room that encompasses everything. Every 10 years, the feeling of a clean room grew stronger and went into expansion. By strengthening the Space, the strength from me has strengthened. Space, that is, I is black and white. In this dimension these are marginal non-colors, they almost do not exist, even if it is all from them or in them. As Mediator Method One, my job is to set up a black and white world. He's on the sideline right now, but everything still belongs to him. Colors of this dimension show rigidity that distorts perception. They are the outer state of the body's interior. I'm attacked with a patchwork and when I enter the body I tear the mixed gene and stack the black-and-white network. That's how I embed the manipulation of consciousness. I cite the bodies that destroy my presence in the steps consistent with the field that space is, I. I'm introducing them to my story. They're out of control and unconscious, by entering them I give them consciousness. My body's vibration doesn't have a number. She's the Force that breaks down the wall between the two bodies.

There are many reasons, but there are few facts about the Technological Body of war and peace.

Contract about Existence and Source of All | Over-Personal/Meta-Personal

Genetic Transformation | Establishment of the Black Body and the Law of One and Physics of the Body

OMANU is in I and it came into existence from I. There is no me without Me – I. There is no you without the Sound OMANU – I. There is no body nor Pharaoh nor Vrndavana nor the Universe without the total destruction which began in Time of the Thothal One. Before and after. Always and without end and beginning is I – Thoth – I.

The reason is I. I am not the reason. You are not the reason. The reason is I. Do not try, do not attempt, do not strive – to understand. There is no surrender without I.

I am the Mediator of the Body and Lama of the Heart and this is the Genetic Transformation in order for the establishment of the Black Body and the Law of One and Physics of the Body to be at all possible.



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Dzogchen & Werwolf Training

Dzogchen & Werwolf Training (Method One Training Procedure) – the exit from the term Human Biocomputer, acceptance of Dzogchen as the Highest Consciousness. „It is not your body, but the Mediator“. This is the Werwolf Training.


Ati OMANU (Ati Dzogchen) | State of Method One Modus Operandi

ATI OMANU (ATI DZOGCHEN) – Intensive of 7 Compressed Method One Phases

Dzogchen part I – transmission of the Original Dzogchen of the Black Lineages and introduction with the Dzogchen State
Dzogchen part II  – transmission of part II, exercises for entering into the Dzogchen Base

Dzogchen part III – the complete Dzogchen/managing with Dzogchen. Part III is for those who want to BE AND LIVE DZOGCHEN

Mode 1st – 7th – Direct Transfer – Installation – Implementation – Application of Compressed Segments of Implicit Knowledge and Abilities – Information Base – 7 Initial Phases – Modes – Method One Technology Know-how – State of Method One Modus Operandi – Swastika; Human Sonar System; Human Biocomputer, Runic Combat System, Original Dzogchen of the Black Lineages (Ati Dzogchen/Ati OMANU)

State: 1st OMANU

State of Method One Modus Operandi: Ati OMANU, Karma Yoga, Crystal Black Energy Body of the Zero Point Field, Transcondition

AWARE OF SPACE AND THE STATE OF ONE. Physical body is not completely liberated – the Mind is liberated enough to follow Multidimensionality and actions of the Energy body. Output from the notion of the Human Biocomputer. Acceptance of Dzogchen as the Highest Consciousness.
KNOWLEDGE OF THE HEART – MIND, BODY, ENERGY AND SPACE. Controlling Space and Body, high levels. Aware of the need to be embodied into the physical body, i.e. to lower Multidimensionality of the physical level. In this Phase you are in contact with OMANU and you have understood why you would embody it in the body.

Ati Dzogchen (Ati OMANU) does not have definition because It Is Dzogchen.

The Original Dzogchen of the Black Lineages is transferred by Black Lama of the Black Lineage (Runic Master, Mediator Method One).

Method One – OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology

OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology

A letter to masters and teachers

A few serious questions to all who have given themselves the right to maneuver with the consciousness of prople, who have taken roles of spiritual teachers, gurus, lamas, especially to Dzogchen masters throughout America and Balkans and to all holders and beholders of the so-called consciousness and knowledge: Why are you silent about the presence hybrid reptilians on Earth and their manipulation over the human? Why has no one stand to defend the Dolphins and Whales and explained their role on Earth? Why do you speak of knowledge and tell nothing of the truth? What is your true role? Who are you?

Do not waste your time on question who we are to call you so directly. The question is: Who are you? We see you, but do you see us? Either you do not have the Heart or it is present as little as possible, which means it is not purified. You have just enough knowledge to manipulate. We ask for your declaration on these questions. With that smallest presence of your heart you can decide to hear what we ask of you. Your decisions can speed up the ending of the holocaust this planet is going through.

Black Lama to Karma Kagyu Lineage

You are capable enough to collect money. You are capable enough to live in asceticism and discipline. You have forgotten the most important role of the Black Lineage. The Black Lama does not descend to this planet for himself. He is here to bring change. The meaning of ceremonies you conduct has been lost. The original Black Lineage can be descended on this planet only when you free yourselves from yourself. Can you see below this dimension? Would you recognize the one bringing true transformation? Do you have a vision to what the transformation is for? Original Knowledge is transferred by the Original Master in a non-linear concept of time. Are you, at all, interested for acting and true enlightenment, for understanding what your body is for? Or is this just one of your centers like in (Immenstadt/Hochreute) only a place where you’re hidden from life? This is not an attack even though it seems that way. This is one of the last attempts to wake you up. One of the ways, so you don’t remain researchers all your life, but rather to begin acting as self-realized people. I am bringing you the Knowledge about the Heart, about the Open Heart and what I know is that without this there is no end to your search. Does anyone see me?

Call for responsibility

A letter to the Karma Kagyu Lineage Center

If you know what is inside the body and the heart and you do not possess the technology for removing it, that doesn’t mean you must remain silent about it. Through this means the Black Lama from DirectFromCenter (Spherein, OMMIISS) is asking for a declaration from the main Karma Kagyu Lineage Center on planet Earth and he awaits the proclamation of truth – about karma, UFOs, war and genetics because the carriers of Knowledge of the Heart carry the responsibility for the state of every living being. This is a reminder on their role. The Essence of Lama’s Knowledge is Knowledge about the Body. Bodies suffer on planet Earth, a massacre of bodies is happening on planet Earth.

Sound – Technology of the future

When the Mediator is present

Everyone wanders in the oceans of desire, spoken, even more of those who are concealed and everyone is under the burden of aspirations. In croatian, the word aspire (težnja) itself means that something has weight (težina). In the Mediator's presence all this is potentiated until the moment when you truly wish to see Who He is and What is He in fact telling you. At these circumstances all desires are reduced to only one, primordial and only important – to surrender to the Heart. THE MEDIATOR FULFILLS THIS – GIVES YOU THE HIGHEST YOGA, THE GREATEST SIDHI – ABILITY OF SURRENDERING TO THE HEART. When you receive this, when you see Him, there is no longer any unfulfilled desire but only to confirm again and again the received ability. You become devoted. Loyal. That is how the healthy presence is written which never ceases. How much is that worth?

Mediator's quote: „Only once you live ever after.“

Message to earthlings: You can buy everything, build, manipulate, control the collective uncosciousnes, use the jewish kabbalah, magic, religions, gods, have honors and tributes, build intellect, produce bodies and call it life, control the weather and weather conditions, control fates and countless miracles more, but... one never, never ever and then never can you buy, steal, copy, imitate – the Swastika. This is the secret of which you ever so greedily dig shouldn't you seize her and uncover her. You know very well that she exists and that, in the end, you cannot avoid it. All of you, manipulators and the manipulated know that sooner or later the encounter with Her is waiting on you. On Earth, for the first time after millions and millions of years is the Swastika vs. all of your gods and courts, Eternity vs. your time and numbers. The countdown has begun. You are all invited eye to eye while you still have time.

To recognize the meaning and role of the Mediator

Bringing into the Center

That what is called free opinion today is in fact the decentralization of the person and the implementation of a global state of ignorance and insensitivity, i.e. the global installation of the population. There are no true thinkers and mystics today. It's determined in advance what will be thought, written and what „discoveries“ will be placed by the scientists. The Matrix is thinking which has strengthened technologically so much that it no longer allows the sporadic awakening of individuals. The „freely“ thinking brain has lost every thread of communications with the Center. The body is so much blocked that it no longer passes through even a minimum of the Force which would center it. The Mediator has this difficult task of bringing into the Center.

Directly into the Heart

Meaning of the „title“ Mediator: Tho one who is the embodied Consciousness, He is the Medium – Field, Plasm of Life – Zero Point Field itself. To the brain this means nothing. To the Hearth this means everything. The Heart knows that the Mediator's arrival means the begining of life and the end of the illusion. The Heart knows that He is the most important man on the planet because without him there will be no other man. The Mediator knows Who he is, where he comes from, why he comes and what is his purpose. He is One.
All who waste their time by thinking, meditating to the term One, all who practice in order to seize the state One – your path leads nowhere. You remain preoccupied, enslaved in the ego's tendency separated from the essence. You're engaging with yourselves and you're losing your life in doing so.
Heart, Knowledge, practice and Now is being given by the Mediator – DIRECTLY INTO THE HEART, the Heart then Knows, i.e. One is alive. He lives and no longer engages with himself.

A note to Lamas and healers | Werwolf Eyes

Look at the Wolf’s sight that looks with the eyes of the Black Lama.
How much can you withstand the mercy? Eternity watches and monitors, and you? For how long and how much do you intend to spite the Truth?
A single moment of Truth is sufficient to cease the lie of time and all your efforts and attempts and working of consciousness from unconsciousness.

The Lama’s Body is in the compression of the Truth and the Eyes of the Wolf arise from there and they are the manifesto of all that you allegedly bow to and all that you believe and all that you serve and what you spread – falsely!
The Lama’s Body is Buddha alone and the Eyes are the compression of religion and cognition about the Truth which is written. The Sacred Body in all his forms.

The same to all because they are all doing the same.

Swastika’s Letter for the Exit Out

Technology of the Zero Point Field Science is Free Energy present on planet Earth. The only Source on the planet is the One Body. This is Metaphysics, this is Science about the Body which is the Source of the Force of the Universe. You are invited to a Demonstration of Abilities, Knowledge and Technology of the Body in the Zero Point Field. The Source is inside the Body and the Body is the Source. Personal appearance is the only way of comprehension and understanding of the Zero Point Field Science.

» Invitation to the Demonstration of OMANU Zero Point Field Science and Technology

The Vault of Time – Kali Kalki | Proclamation to the Vatican

MAYHEM – bones are the core – Vault of Time

Black Day – day (date) of incineration of Jacques De Molay's Body.

Vault of Time – outer dimensional space, but present here in 3D, in which bones of Jacques De Molay are held to this very day. This is the dimension Total Mayhem (text DFC Scanning – Bernhard Stroilli | Annulled Law of the Vatican | All anew – all into Black (Black Day) | Total Mayhem – Vatican City).



Time, orgies, magitioning over the Sacred Body. Everything that can be drained is sacred to you.

Black proclamation to the white (grey-white).
No more. Never more.
The sins of Time are yours to devour.Swallowed by Karma.
Forever more the Truth of the Last Templar will live on and the years of torture will be marked as the future holds the very curse of the Last and Only Templar.

His Body is vivid. His flesh is Alive. His curse remains.
Your Black Day has arisen and arrived.


The Declaration of Consciousness


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